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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Utilize The Olympic Lifts

Written by Shannon Clark


Putting together a workout program to follow? If so, you want to take a good look at what your exercise selection is and ensure that it’s up to par.  One of the most devastating mistakes you can make when designing your program is selecting movements that will literally waste your time in the gym.

If you’ve done a workout program before where you saw little to no results, it might have had everything to do with how that program was structured.

You can put in as much effort as you want but if you aren’t training your body in a proper manner, few results will be seen.

This said, one of the best strategies to utilize in a workout program geared towards strength, performance, muscle building or fat loss is the use of Olympic lifts.

Let’s go over seven of the main reasons why these exercises are so important for optimal success.

 7. They Burn Massive Calories

If you want fat loss, Olympic lifts should be your go-to movements.  The reason these are so great for total body fat loss is because not only will you burn more calories with each rep that you do than most other exercises, but your metabolic rate will skyrocket after a session with these included in the picture.

Olympic lifts require you to use so many muscle fibers all at once, this is one of the best ways to see accelerated calorie burning.  Think about it this way, what would burn more calories – walking across the room to get a glass of water or simply picking a glass of water up off the table?

Clearly walking across the room would because you burn more energy doing so.  The same goes for Olympic lifts.  That example would be like comparing an Olympic lift to a isolation move.

6. They Evoke Great Strength Gains

The next reason to incorporate Olympic lifts into your training routine is because they’ll evoke great strength gains.

Even if your goal is to lose body fat, you should still be focusing on getting stronger.  When you see strength gains, this is the best signal that progress is being made. You’re getting stronger, building lean muscle mass and more than likely, losing body fat if your diet is up to par.

And if you aren’t dieting? Olympic lifts are one of the best ways to build full body strength.  As no other exercises utilize the same number of muscle groups at once, no other moment will allow you to lift as heavy of a weight.

And since gaining strength is all about lifting heavy weight, it’s easy to see why they are so beneficial.

When you add in Olympic lifts to your protocol, you will quickly find that you are seeing increased strength in all other exercises you might do in your workout program as those strength gains you’ve experienced will transfer directly to those other movements.

5. They’ll Reduce Your Risk Of Injuries

Nothing is more frustrating than suffering from an injury and being sidelined and unable to workout.

Fortunately, Olympic lifts do a great job at preventing this from happening.  By performing these lifts, you’ll build top level strength all throughout the back, an area that’s often plagued by injuries.

As most people do suffer from back pain, either during their athletic career or later in life, the stronger you can build these muscles, the better you’ll be able to fend off injury yourself.

4. They’ll Improve Functional Performance

The next great point about doing Olympic lifts is that they’ll also improve your functional performance as well.  They’ll be mimicking moves that you would do in everyday lift, so as you get stronger on those exercises, those everyday activities will become that much easier.

This is referred to as functional training.

You’ll find it’s far more motivating to keep training with your workout sessions if you are noticing the benefits of doing so in every element of your day to day.

Furthermore, if you are an athlete in training, you’ll also see excellent transfer over benefits there as well.  The Olympic lifts are going to help improve athletic performance tremendously thanks to the strength gains experienced.

3. They Boost Mental Drive

One thing that you need to know about Olympic lifts is that they are not for the weak-minded.  When you have such a heavy amount of weight on your back or in your hands, it’s going to require a high level of mental toughness to drive that weight up and execute the move.

By performing these Olympic lifts on a regular basis, you improve your mental drive, your focus, as well as your determination.

This will then make all other exercises seem that much easier and can even transfer over to other areas of your life as well.

It takes a high level of concentration to execute a heavy Olympic lift and improving your mental focus to do so may just improve your mental focus when you’re at work or doing other mentally demanding tasks.

In this way, doing Olympic lifts doesn’t just train your body, but they train your mind as well.

2. They’ll Reduce Your Workout Duration

Another nice thing about Olympic lifts is that they’ll also help reduce your total workout duration.  Since you will be working so many muscle groups at once, this means you don’t have to do individual exercises for all these muscles.

A few sets of Olympic lifts can easily make up your entire workout program, allowing you to get in and out of the gym in 30 minutes flat.

For those who have a busy schedule, this is one of the best ways to help yourself stay on track.  In addition to that, you can easily work the entire body in that 30 minutes, meaning you now only need to go into the gym 2-3 times per week to see optimal results.

For those who also play sports or do other activities, this also allows you to have more time away from the gym to partake in those endeavors.

Just do be sure that you are still allowing for sufficient rest days off each week. Olympic lifts are very demanding on your body an as such, recovery will be critical to ongoing progress.  If you aren’t getting enough rest, overtraining can come on quickly with these exercises.

1. They’re Fun To Perform

Finally, last but not least, Olympic lifts are fun to perform. Few exercises will give you the rush that Olympic lifts will and you won’t feel nearly as accomplished after any other activity.

Hitting a new personal best on an Olympic lift will have you on a high all day long as you feel great about your progress and what your body is doing for you.

Olympic lifts also require a high degree of strategy as well, so they’ll be challenging to learn, keeping you mentally stimulated the whole way through.  For those who get bored of their workout sessions easily, Olympic lifts can help them quickly overcome this issue.

So there you have some of the main reasons why Olympic lifts should be making an appearance in your training program today.  They definitely do have a learning curve as you must get proper technique down before you begin loading weight on the bar, but once you do have your form down pat and start challenging yourself, you’ll find that you never want to return back to your old workout again.

Remember that nothing is set in stone saying you can only do Olympic lifts either.  Consider incorporating them into your normal standard workout program to liven up the sessions and jumpstart results.

You can just as easily perform a few Olympic lifts and then finish off with some isolation training to form a complete and well-balanced workout.

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