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Top 9 Reasons Why Whey Protein Is Great

Written by Alex Stevenson

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Still not quite sure about using protein powder? It’s time to get sure. Protein powder is one of the best supplements that you can use for a number of reasons. If you’re still passing this supplement up, it’s time to reconsider.

Many people have these pre-conceived notions that protein powder tastes bad, is dangerous, or is only for those bodybuilders who want to bulk up.

But, that isn’t true. Everyone can use protein powder – even kids provided they use it in a safe and smart manner.

Let’s go over nine reasons why protein powder is such a great investment so you can see why you should be making room for it in your diet plan.

9. It’s Quick And Convenient

In today’s busy world, the number one reason most people give as an excuse for not eating right is simply not having enough time.

Protein powder is perfect in this instance. All you do is mix and drink and you’re set. Since most people don’t have time to be cooking chicken breasts for every snack and meal they eat, protein powder is a great fill-in.

You can easily take a scoop with you to work for your mid-afternoon snack when time is tight.

8. It Strengthens Your Immune System

Another great thing about whey protein powder that many people don’t know is that it actually strengthens your immune system.  Whey protein powder contains immunoglobulins, which are antibodies that recognize and then bind to antigens that are invading the body (such as bacteria or viruses).

So by drinking your daily whey protein shake, you might just be fending off the common cold or flu.

Those who exercise on a regular basis already have stronger immune systems, so this just adds to the benefits that you see.

7. It Prompts Faster Recovery

If you choose to purchase a whey isolate protein powder, you’ll also help to boost your overall speed of recovery by using the shake.

Whey isolate protein powder has been formulated to break down rapidly in the body, providing the building blocks your muscles need to go into deep tissue repair.

Immediately after your workout session when your body is in that broken down state, this is precisely what it needs.

Your body will be most anabolic immediately post-workout (meaning its ability to repair and generate muscle tissue will be highest), provided you feed it the right nutrients.

Taking in whey protein powder along with a fast acting carbohydrate will do just that.

6. It Combats Hunger

The next fact about protein powder that some people don’t know is that it also controls hunger. If you’re on a fat loss diet plan and struggling to manage your hunger, try using a protein shake as mid-afternoon snack.

Those who do so tend to consume fewer calories at their next meal thanks to lower overall hunger levels.

While protein itself naturally tends to blunt hunger compared to carbohydrates, whey tends to have an even greater effect.

For optimal results, combine your whey protein powder with a source of healthy fats as well such as a handful of almonds or some peanut butter mixed in with your protein shake.

5. It’s Cost Effective

The next great thing about whey protein powder is that it’s very cost effective.  Many people will immediately think that it’s so expensive when they see that a five pound tub can cost between $60 and $100, but when you break this down into cost per serving, you’ll find that most brands are right around the $1/serving mark, or even less.

You’ll be hard pressed to find whole food sources of protein for cheaper than this.  Steak and fish can easily get up to $2-4 per serving, so if you’re looking to keep your food budget down, protein powder is actually an excellent solution.

4. It’s A Great Source Of Calcium

Next up is the fact that protein powder is also a good source of calcium. If you aren’t drinking milk thanks to being lactose intolerant or simply because you don’t really enjoy it, protein powder can fill in to help you get your needs met.

As whey protein powder is still a form of dairy, most varieties contain 15-20% of your total calcium needs in a one scoop serving.

What’s more is that most protein powder varieties are naturally quite low in lactose with some varieties being completely lactose free.

If you can’t take in lactose, make sure that you are reading labels so you know which varieties are in fact free from this milk sugar.

3. It’s Highly Versatile

Think that whey protein powder can only be used in protein shakes? If so, it’s time to reconsider.

Many people have this negative thought of slamming back chalky tasting protein shakes if they wan to use protein powder.  This supplement has come a long way since the early days however and most brands you will find very tasty.

In addition to this, you can use protein powders in a number of different ways.  It can easily be incorporated into your baking recipes, so consider making muffins, cakes, or cookies with it.

Alternatively, you can also add it into a bowl of oatmeal to boost the protein content of that breakfast or stir it into some yogurt as well.

If you aren’t mixing it with water, consider making an actual fruit milkshake from it.  Smoothie bars are growing in popularity lately with more and more people going in for this as a treat throughout the day. The problem is most smoothie bar smoothies are loaded with calories and sugar.

Now you can create your own however and ensure that it contains only ingredients that will help you maintain a lean body composition.

Finally, protein powders can also be made into protein pancakes as well. This is a fast and easy way to get your protein in first thing in the day, especially if you’re a fan of this normally high-carb breakfast treat.

If you start looking for ways to incorporate protein powder into your day, you’ll quickly come to see that the possibilities are nearly endless. You definitely do not need to be only slamming it back in shake format.

2. It’s Low In Fat And Carbs

For those who are currently on a fat loss diet plan, another great thing about protein powder is that it’s nearly 100% pure protein.  It’ll contain very few grams of carbs or fats, both of which you’ll be reducing when aiming for fat burning.

It can be hard to find a good variety of protein sources that are this lean, so protein powder fits in perfectly.

For those who are not eating meat as well, whey protein powder makes for an excellent way to get their needs met in a situation when they otherwise would be likely low.

1. It’s Non-Perishable

Finally, the last great thing about protein powder is the fact that it’s non-perishable.  You can easily keep a tub of protein in your desk at work for months on end, providing you a ready to go snack when you need one.

Likewise, you can easily keep a shaker cup with protein powder in your bag or purse as you are out and about, so there’s no reason to never be without a smart solution when hunger strikes.

So there you have a few of the top reasons why protein powder is such a great product to invest in. Hopefully you now see the value of getting this product in your arsenal of supplements to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Be sure that you do shop around as there are so many different protein powders available, Consider the flavor, price, how well it mixes, and the nutrition panel whenever you’re looking to find the option right for you.

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