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Calculate Your Daily Caloric Intake

It all starts here, with fueling your body! Wether or not your lifting weights, your body is still shaped by what you put inside it and how much of it.

Needless to say, as a lifter you need to have your caloric intake in check. You need to be able to contol your nutritional intake so that your body does what you want it to.

Performance, recovery, muscle gain and fat loss. They are all controlled by your ability to fuel you body the right way. And that all starts with you daily caloric need wich will differ depending on your current goals.

Use this calculator as a reference point when planning your daily calories.

Weight in
Height in
Level of Activity


Clarification of the activity levels

Bedridden (Coma) – This is the amount of calories that is needed to maintain functionality in your vital oragans.
Minimal or no activity – Deskjob, laying on the couch all day and no exercise.
Low activity – Low daily activity and ligth, ligth exercise 1-3 times a week.
Mediate activity – Moderate adaily activity and moderate exercise 2-5 times a week.
High activity – Physically demanding lifestyle and hard exercise 6-7 days a week.
Very high activity – Physically gruelling job, and exercise on an elite level.

Some words to help your decide your activity level

Often times we migth have a constrast between the activity level in our jobs and our training. You migth be an absolute savage with the iron weigths but you spend your dayjob sharpening pencils behind a desk.

I’m afraid that the savagery you display at the gym does not make up for the rest of your day. It’s makes perfect sense when you think about it: An average person is awake 16 hours, if 1,5 hours i spent killing it at the gym but 14.5 of them is spent in a very low activity mode, then the gym doesn’t have a big impact on your overall activity level even if you train 7 days a week.

Since most peoples days are filled with an 9-10 hour job (commute included), your best bet is to choose activity level based on how Physically demaning your day job is. If the rest of your day is very different, from when you get of work untill you go to bed, then perhaps you can adjust levels a bit but not based solely on your training.

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